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Galapagos diving is among the best diving sites worldwide and was recently awarded as the best destiny to dive in the world (Beijing – 2015). There is a variety of approaches for diving in the Galapagos, diving off a cruise provides the most rewarding experience, reaching distant and remote diving sites. Live-aboards run for a set period of 6 to 8 days and are classified as first class cruises. However, alternatives such as diving with land based tours, based off hotels have proven popular among divers looking for shorter tours. For instance, a common approach is diving prior or after a Galapagos cruise with day tours. In conclusion, the variety of Galapagos diving options has something in store for everyone, whether you are an avid diver or an amateur looking for a day tour or more days of diving.

Diving Encounter
4 Days / 3 Nights

Strategically located on the main island of Santa Cruz, offering a luxury service for guests looking to explore the islands by land.

Luxury accommodation by Galapagos standards, their programs offer flexibility in rates with different room types and flexibility with their schedules as you are not tied to specific departing dates.

Diving Experience
5 Days / 4 Nights

A week of journeying the less-explored parts of the archipelago! Your adventure starts in Santa Cruz continuing to Floreana. From here we move towards Isabela for a few days of hiking, visiting the islands main highlights and snorkeling. Finish off with a hike up the second largest volcano crater in the world! – Sierra Negra Volcano.

A wonderful journey awaits you!

Underwater Discovery
1 Day

A hidden gem nestled in the central Galapagos island of Santa Cruz, the hotel offers top of the line accommodation and land-based programs.

During your stay, enjoy a beautiful tropical bar and restaurant with a modern and inviting atmosphere. When you need a moment to relax between activities or in the night, enjoy the exterior areas surrounded by a beautiful garden and pool area.